Minimalist’s guide for packing

Minimalist’s guide for packing

Going for a holiday is to distance away from your hometown, to get “going”. That is why you cannot usually see the locals in the city hotels except for the cafe/bars inside and public events held there. This is also valid for us: While we see our friends from Kusadasi mostly in the ground floor of Batihan, at the garden, Kumsal restaurant, and the weddings, guests from around the world, tired of the kilometres, are busy worrying about how to unpack after check-in and then pack their luggage again before check-out. This week’s blog post is dedicated to those who make it to get here with all these tons of luggage: We have some tips to ease your travels.

Bring less!
This is simply the summary of this whole article. You will be staying in an all-(or mostly)-inclusive resort instead of a hostel or a guesthouse, in which many things are expected from the guests (and that kind of a holiday is also quite fun, actually!). We already provide most of the things you take “just in case” either free or with a little charge. Towels and slippers are top examples for that.

Discover the power of backpack.
Luggage on wheels may sound tempting when walking from A to B, but we can imagine your feelings when you stand in front of stairs: “Whoa, what have we stuffed into that!?”. However, when you pick a backpack of the same weight on both your shoulders, you will feel the mass much lighter since it is supported by your body to which the weight is distributed symmetrically. If you somehow succeed packing everything into backpacks instead of suitcases, then you may carry them with you in the flight cabin and avoid losing time in front of the baggage claim. Plus, you are hands-free!

Buy the summer clothes en route.
You may consider taking only underwear and swimsuit. Okay, take a t-shirt in case you sweat too much during the road. In addition, you may desire to dress like a celebrity in the dinner and evening/night shows, so take a pair of your chic dresses. For the rest, everything else you need, buy during your travel as you need. Let it be cheap. Summer elements such as sun rays, sea salt, and swimming pool chlorine will make your favourite clothes worn out. So, why care to carry them to their destruction? Buy cheap clothes as you need. You will find many authentic/touristic shops and marketplaces on the road to Kusadasi and even in the vicinity of Batihan. Let the two brothers, Altan and Nuri give you inspiration from a cult comedy/road movie from the 90’s, Her Sey Cok Guzel Olacak (choose English subtitles):

Meet with the minimalist footwear.
This is actually a topic for a whole new article and its main purpose is not to spend less space in the suitcase. Minimalist shoes do not restrict your feet (especially the toes) into a narrow shape, do not support the feet with extra heel and cushioning, and do not disconnect your brain and the ground thanks to their thin and flexible soles. In summary, they let your feet behave naturally, without any intervention except for enough protection from external factors (for that reason, it is more important for children). The relation of minimalist footwear with this article is because of the flexible soles and structure. If you are going to carry shoes, sandals, or flip-flops other than what you wear during travelling, then you may save considerable space (and weight) from your luggage with minimalist shoes or sandals. You can roll the shoes, add the sandals with 4-10mm thin soles just like an A4 notebook. See the brands such as Vivobarefoot, Xero Shoes, Luna Sandals, and Soft Star Shoes for more information.

Photo credit: Birthday Shoes, with CC BY-NC 3.0 license

Roll the towels…
…if you want to bring your own. It still sounds incredible but the folded towels spend more space than the rolled towels, even though the rolled ones look bulkier. But in fact, they probably fill the empty spaces in between much better than the folded ones. You might take this tip not only for packing, but also for the towel closet at home!

Do not bring your laptop or tablet.
Do not bring your work to holiday. What is more, leave your mobile phone in flight mode unless you need to call someone. These tips might have been cliche for the holiday concept, but we are serious about the laptop. First of all, you add at least 1 kilogram to your luggage, plus its charger. And this is the best-case scenario. An average laptop should weigh between 2-3 kilograms. Second, as you may know, there is more strict rules with electronic devices in the airports. Although the news is that the ban for laptops in the flying cabin has been retracted in several routes and airways, it is still painful to be asked to unpack the laptop from that well-packed bag and press the power button. What if your battery is dead? What a concern that ruins the rhythm and joy of the trip! Similar rules apply for tablets, but at least they are more mobile and easier to turn on. But if you asked for our advice, we’d say do not bring an electronic device larger than your mobile phone. Do not look at the screen, but at the beautiful scenery around.