Festive concert in Batihan: Guven Yureyi

Festive concert in Batihan: Guven Yureyi

We have a big, big holiday nowadays, thanks to the magical combination of the weekends, 30 August Victory Day, and the Sacrifice Feast. It is about 10 days, and have already started. While each day of this holiday is special for us, the first day of the feast, 1st of September is a little bit more special than others. That is because we host a concert that evening, with the live performance of Guven Yureyi, who has been shaking the clubs this summer with his single “Sen Masallah”.

1991-born singer Yureyi has been into music since his early years, to be finally heard country-wide after his appearance in the 2013 season of “O Ses Turkiye” contest (Turkish version of “The Voice of Holland”. He is also from our city, Kusadasi. While he is best-known for singing Selami Sahin song “Sen Sevdali Ben Belali” at the contest and the current single “Sen Masallah”, he has a remarkable stage performance. Here is the videoclip shot in Northern Cyprus for the single. To see and listen more, just type his name on YouTube!

See you on Friday, September 1st at Guven Yureyi concert here in Batihan Beach Resort! For further information, you can send a message to our Facebook page or call +90 256 633 14 23.