Entertainment in Batihan

Entertainment in Batihan

To what extent you remember your holiday depends on how much you have had fun, even though the main reason behind going to a vacation is mostly to have some rest. From that point of view, it is our job to make it the most unforgettable one, the most enjoyed vacation of your life. Whenever you need or want to smile or be happy, from the early hours of the day to the late night, all you gotta do is to look for our entertainment team! In this week’s blog post, we wanted to compile the photos of joyful moments at Batihan.

The poolside activities will be one of the first entertaining moments right after the breakfast. Do not shy away from joining! You can do aerobics inside the water with all of its chill and lift, or you can join to a water polo game if you would like a little competition.


If you feel like lazy to move around, it is also possible to watch the entertainment team move:


It may be hard to move inside the pool. Hence the variety of sports in our garden. Among them, basketball may probably be the most competitive and social sports branch out there.


BUT, basketball may sound too mainstream to play on vacation. Thank god we have ‘that’ game! (our blogger have not learned the name of this game, still)


The main attraction begins after dinner, when the sun sets. There are great and fun show every night. For example, we have activities for kids:


Each summer, it has been a tradition for us to remember Michael Jackson:


Sometimes the amphitheatre is not enough, the show goes on the beach:


This summer the White Sensation Parties are popular and keep going:


And let’s not forget the exciting dance shows around the world:


If there is such phenomenon as getting tired from entertainment, it is always possible to think that the real happiness is in tranquillity, when relaxing by yourself or together with your loved ones. Especially when your eyes are looking at that kind of scenery below…


ps. Kudos to our friend Izzet Ozkaya for many of the photos!