Destination Kusadasi: How to arrive in Batihan after flight?

Destination Kusadasi: How to arrive in Batihan after flight?

We, as Batihan family, have been enjoying a lot to host the first guests of 2017 season since the summer already hit the Aegean side. But for the many parts of the world, we are actually at the beginning of the summer, even behind the solstice! This gives us excitement. This gives us… Plans! Plans for a great holiday, or just the intentions of the inner voice, as we might remember from the song: “Let me take you far away / You’d like a holiday / Exchange the cold days to the sun / A good time and fun”. Suppose that the inner voice calls you to the shiny and bright climate of Kusadasi, and that you have decided the best and optimal stay here as Batihan Beach Resort, we will really be pleased to host YOU as our guests.

We also have a favour for you, to ease the time with travel research and planning the route beforehand. You will find the travel options and different possible routes you can choose to get to Kusadasi, after you land in Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB). We believe that one of these most popular options will fit your preference of budget, comfort, or adventure.

Imagine that you have just landed in Izmir, picked up the luggage, and said “Hi!” to the crystal clear, sunny, blue sky above the Aegean. You now have these options to transfer yourself to Kusadasi:

1- Havas: As one of the best-known airport transfer services, Havas has a line that starts from Adnan Menderes Airport and that goes to Kusadasi. The line actually continues to Soke, a town within the Aydin province which is next to Izmir by south. You need to leave the bus when it arrives Kusadasi Bus Terminal. From that point, you may take a taxi, or you may choose minibuses a.k.a. “dolmush” as a means of public transportation. Line 6 minibuses pick up passengers in front of the terminal, across the road. Let us add some more details about Havas bus: It operates every one and a half hours from 9am to 9pm. After that you will be able to take Havas on 11pm, 1:30am and 3:30am. Fare for travelling to Kusadasi is 26 Turkish liras (approx. 6.5 Euros). Depends on the traffic, but expected time for travel is about 90 minutes.

p.s. Before taking Havas, it is a good practice to check the airlines you travel with to Izmir. There may be special advantages for their passengers when taking Havas, or even the airline may introduce their own transfer service to their passengers free of charge.

2- Airport taxi: If you find it uncomfortable to change vehicles at Kusadasi Bus Terminal, the taxi stand in the airport may be a good choice. When you ask Google Maps, you will see 3 different routes you can take:

The taxi will probably take the 88.7km route via tolled highway and Selcuk town, if you do not request anything about the route. You may also choose the shorter, but slower and curvy route which is 73.6km long. The airport website declares that the taxi fares are 3 Turkish liras (initial) and 2.40 Turkish liras per kilometre. However, since you are travelling outside the Izmir metropolitan area, and even the province, you may need to agree on the fares before you hit the road with the taxi driver.

3- Car rental: You’d better remember the rates for the taxi, because it may be more advantageous to rent a car from the airport, depending on how many days you will stay at Batihan. Or, if you already consider spending more time to see Kusadasi and around than to have some rest under the sun, poolside or seaside, forget calculating for taxis: car rental will probably be the best option for you. You can look for the vehicle options from the form below this page from Adnan Menderes Airport website, or choose your favourite agency from the list.

4- Airport transfers: If you travel in groups, it may be better to consider the airport transfer service provided by TAV, the company that operates Adnan Menderes Airport, rather than taking the taxi or renting a car. You will see two types of vehicles when you fill the search form here, each of which carry up to either 6 or 10 adults together.


In this blog post, we have brought the information together regarding the final, perhaps the most enjoyable part of your journey, thanks to the unique scenery of the Aegean region, which you will only find in the western Turkey and Greece. We wish you a pleasant journey, and are really looking forward to greet you this summer!