Childhood in Batihan

Childhood in Batihan

Kids are starring in the summer holidays, poolside, on the beach, and at the amphitheatre no matter the theme and scheme, no matter the demographics. It is because the children see the world as they imagine and they enjoy the moment without worrying about the other’s impressions, with following their imaginations and likings. While the adults usually avoid saying “Hi!” to other unknown vacationists, children already start rolling with new friends through new adventures… surely after getting rid of the smartphones and tablets that are given them in their hands by the parents to amuse themselves!

The situation with the adults may be the result of the contemporary relationships within society. Our animation team is here to address this problem and make everybody to have fun together. In this sense, staff working at the kids’ club might be easier! We would like to demonstrate a sequence of the energy and activities of children, the main root of the laughters rising over Batihan, who all amazes us the most for 28 years.

After a delicious and nutritious breakfast, it is best to chill out beyond the pool until the sun is in its strongest position up in the afternoon. The most favourite among all five different pools is the one with mushrooms just in front of the kids’ club.


When the sun is completely up, kids’ club hosts the children. There are many games and toys in this cheerful shed. Sometimes, they are even left unused: imagination is all needed.

kids-2At the moment outside, some of the folks leave themselves to our staff to have their faces painted, to boost the fun with carrying their favourite animals or characters there.

kids-3And by the way, there are also some workshops going on together when there is no game played around. For example, if we are on a special day, kids organise to celebrate it…

kids-4…or there is the option of laying outside with the watercolour paints to have fun and discover new creative limits:

kids-5Oh, let’s do not forget the joy and excitement of coinciding with a special show on occasion:

kids-6The ideal sports hours start after the sun is less burning, shadows are longer before the evening. There is a little problem though: There are lots of games out there in our garden. Should one go to the mini golf field, or find an opponent to play the giant chess? Or if everybody is okay with that, when still in bathing suits, it could be fun both playing basketball and get more vitamin D’s at the same time!

kids-7Another option is to play that game whose name is also unknown to us (or at least to the blog writer!):

kids-8While the sun is just about to set, a joyful day has fallen behind. All the fatigue, salt and chlorine goes with a foamy bath, and then the energy spent for all the cheerful activities is gained back at the delicious dinner. However, the day is not over; the kids are waiting for the show of the animation team. They stay excited during and after the show. Younger ones fall asleep in their moms’ cuddly arms, while other children go meet and greet with the team. They send their kudos and say good night, dreaming of the next day’s fun.

kids-9BONUS: Since we are known as a resort next to the seaside, you may ask if the kids ever play at the beach, or the reason why we did not mention it. Well, playing on sands is so ordinary for us that we actually do not need to wait for summer to do so 🙂